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244. Facing demons
With the power of the Lord in our hands, like a sharp two-edged sword, we can face anything that evil might throw at us. (Psalm 149)
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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John Hartley
John Hartley 2009
September 13, 2009
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Story behind the song
Praise the Lord: take delight in his favour, with songs and dancing come worship him and praise: take your tambourines and shakers and proclaim the Lord our maker and rejoice he gives us vict'ry all our days. Facing demons with his power like a sword in our hands, and the praises of the Lord as our song; all the principalities will retreat from our lands, and the world will see that God is strong! For the Lord takes delight in his people: he crowns his chosen with honour and with joys, so we'll sing of his salvation and proclaim him to the nations and we'll give him all the glory and rejoice. Facing demons ... We will bind evil rulers in fetters, and all injustice in shackles till it cease: God will carry out his sentence on the hard and unrepentant till the nations of the world can live in peace. Facing demons ... Words and music copyright © John Hartley 2009. All rights reserved. Based on Psalm 149. Story behind the song In Mission Praise there is a little song (no. 653) which has always caught my eye, ever since I first came across it in a 'Spring Harvest' songbook: "The Lord has given a land of good things" (author unknown) which contains a section based on Psalm 149:6-9. It interprets the "sharp two-edged sword in our hands ... to bind their kings in fetters ... and ... execute God's judgement" literally. Part of me is repelled by the thought, but another part recognises that part of the Christian hope is that God will appear to pronounce judgement against the evil forces in the spiritual realm. So I wondered if it was possible to recast the words of the psalm, to make it explicit that our fight is against spiritual forces of evil?
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