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Make Room for Jesus
An upbeat Christian song reminding us to make time to spend with the Lord not matter what we're doing or where we are. Request chords/lyrics by email to billyghawaii@yahoo.com
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #122
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
William Gomban Jr.
2008 William Gomban Jr. ASCAP Code: 433487855
September 06, 2009
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128 kbps bitrate
3:43 minutes
Story behind the song
The idea for this song came to me one Saturday morning when my wife and me were perusing local garage sales. She found this book that was titled "Make Room for (sometihing)" . Yes, it reminded me that we should always make room for God.
What ever you do, make room for Jesus Where ever you go, make room for the Lord He's our Creator and our Saviour and he gave his only begotten Son so you and me and everyone, could live forever in his Kingdom Hale hale Lu Ja x 4 Request chords/lyrics by email to billyghawaii@yahoo.com