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A silly little promiscuous girl...
Electronic - Techno
Previous peak charts position #1,199
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #41
Mike Johns
Mike Johns
August 29, 2009
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3:38 minutes
Story behind the song
Your standard "I know this girl, and she pissed me off, so I wrote a song about her" routine. Actually, the music had existed for nearly ten years before I finally wrote words for it. The title "Scheisse" came about originally because of the dark tone of the music, and its similarity to German hardcore. Taking from my only real knowledge of the german language at the time, a mention in the South Park movie about "German Shizer Films", I had, for a long time, thought scheisse had something to do with kinky sex. Later, I found out that scheisse actually meant " sh** ", which more or less lead to the lyrics you now hear. Some girl pissed me off by acting like a total slut, and I spend this song calling her sh** and venting my anger towards her. And, by the way, when I uploaded this, I spelled it right. It doesn't have a double 's'. Blame SoundClick for the f*** -up. Maybe they should learn German...