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Rage The SubGenius Way
A song celebrating the sanity and solace I find in music (cleverly disguised as a tribute to J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius)
Electronic - Electro
Previous peak charts position #201
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #14
Mike Johns
Mike Johns
August 28, 2009
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128 kbps bitrate
4:30 minutes
Story behind the song
The first song produced under the SS7598 banner, this one went nearly two years without lyrics. With the addition of DJ_Ray.exe and the possibility of perfoming live now becoming a reality, it seemed to make sense to have a sort of "origin/mission statement" song. This song was originally inspired by The Church of the SubGenius and the "teachings" of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, it also made sense to reference them lyrically. I had intended for some time to make this song sort of an introduction/homage to the SubGenius, but it's hard to do so when you're dealing with a group who parodys religion and consumerism, whose "dogma" really boils down to "we're full of sh** , and you're dumb enough to give us money anyway". It's not easy to explain that to an audience who predominantly believes in an invisible man in the sky who can do anything and knows everything, and yet, can't seem to prove that he actually exists to anyone who questions it. Ultimately, the song is about me finding solace and sanity in the music of SS7598. All the other stuff about the SubGenius and "Bob" or whatever is there for people who want to find it.