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Living Teddy Bear (Jeff Reuben cover)
This is the Jeff Reuben cover of my classic parody of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" called "Living Teddy Bear". He was always a fan of this song so when I asked him if he wanted to do a cover of it he agreed and was pretty ecstatic about it.
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Jeff Reuben ft. Matthias
August 20, 2009
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4:15 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a classic by Matthias. It was used for the Decathlon Part 2 and the challenge was that you had to write a metal song about Toys and Games. So I created this one. Jeff became a really big fan of it so when I asked him if he wanted to record a cover of it he agreed. Which makes me happy.
(You should be careful Of what you wish for) Tommy moved away from his buds Such a depressed tyke A stuffed bear named Judda€™s His friend, One friend Santa heard this small child say a€œI wish Judd were alive so we could go and play Dear God, Dear Goda€쳌 He went and granted Toma€™s wish, but Judda€™s not nice Hea€™s getting into trouble, and the curtains are sliced In the clam chowder adds his own a€œspicea€쳌 Oh God! Hea€™s the Anti-Christ!!! Whoa! Now Tom is scared! Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Barbiea€™s head Nailed to a chair! Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Tommy needs a shotgun and glock On his Etch-A-Sketch a Pentagram Is chalked (No bluff, Mischeif) Sacrificing Tommya€™s Gameboy A hex he recites To the devil Tommy is annoyed (Damn toy!) Judd turned the Toy Box into a shrine He raised a toast to Satan and he drank all dada€™s wine On Beanie Baby skulls he dines Oh No! Show this on Dateline!!! Whoa! A kid's nightmare Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Chuckya€™s bland Nothing in compare Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Satana€™s Teddy Bear!!! Although he looks like Winnie The Pooh If you sleep at night youa€™ll be used in Voodoo Whoa! Satanic glare Whoa! Hear him cuss and swear Pray for help From that Buzz Lightyear Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Whoa! Hea€™s Hitlera€™s heir Whoa! Toys beyond repair! Make a wish But please beware Of... The Living Teddy Bear! (Fade out into blackness)