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Consider This Pt. 2.MP3
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #2,605
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1,258
August 19, 2009
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Story behind the song
I was tired of the constant crap music that's been put out. So I got me a mellow beat and wrote what I thought.
I draw from influences like Tupac to Eric Clapton Not that many advantages in rappin So I turned on the tapes from TLC and Tony Braxton I'm waiting for ya'll to acknowledge what has happened In the studio for the 4th installment of my vocab department Showcasing my skills like a three wheel motion down in Austin Texas, I'm not flossing, I'm own no Lexus, just pen to the paper Easing lifes stresses, I guess I'm looking for acceptance But I care not a bit about what you think is on the tip Or on the edge, on point, or that an artist like me is a risk When you come with influences from every music style Life is wild, but you can channel it like streams from the Nile Put it in like me, nah, I'm not in denial, but I know hip hop ain't dead Just in cardiac arrest, it's up to us, the next generation And if Soulja Boy is an indication, we got some work to do That means...It's up to me and you Like Tupac said Real Eyes Realize Real Lies As I say we moved away from the truth And I stand and defy, take what's mine And make sure our art form never dies That's the point I'm making with this track at hand Pen and heart, Consider this, I'm the man with inventiveness Required to top the charts, but I'd rather be recognized when I've died Then be famous alive Because isn't that for what we all try to strive Thinking that it'll make it easier to survive Get big and sell out just to better our lives Or stay poor but great writers Steady working nine to fives Money only complicates things Only satisfied with the rims and the bling Mercedes Benz and diamond rings Puerto Rican girls with no dreams No expectations and a job to make easy cream at I could have picked up the ball bat instead of the hi hats But I chose to make this music my profession Figure I'd do more good in the booth then the bull pen Now I'm glad I made this choice because you listen