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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #5,295
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2,634
August 19, 2009
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3:44 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote this for a girl, that I've been chasing for years and years. Grew up with her. And felt the only way I could convey my point was through a song. So, this was the end result.
Some days I feel like I can't go and give up Can't go anywhere, and I'm once again stuck People on my side and people on my back Piggybacking me to get they hands on everything I ever had So, I got so much time to spend with my loved ones And if you ever loved someone you know what it's like To have the feeling returned none, back to the start Point of origin, too much heart, so pain keeps pouring it And pours out again at these fingertips of the poet laureate Follow my dreams, well I guess I'm all for it, but my dream is you and you just destroyed it I have to know why I'm not good enough The say love is rough and I'm not exactly tough Pretty boy charm doesn't seem to work with you Change tactics because no one is worth more than you TO me, do you see, the lengths of the world I'd go The depths of the sea, I've met girls with hearts of ice Instant home run with them, but I'm on my thrid strike, with you And I guess that's life, overcome the strife, date to take a wife I coulda lost my sight, you'd still make me see the light This ordeal means God gave me plight so... I miss the moments you're not around And I love the moments you turned me down That brought me one step closer to have my feet on the ground Safe and sound, still a little high but with a little luck I'd make more songs about you, and do you know what I always thought I could get the girls I want With the wink of an eye and a Jefferson strut But the fact that I haven't succeeded drives me nuts So