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Early Life
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NvizoN (lyrics)
August 19, 2009
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Born seven pounds seven ounces July 22 1992 Did what all babies do, came out the womb Singing my own tune, crying cuz I was cold Born late afternoon to my loving parents Who couldn't stop staring at their baby boy Bringing joy out the delivery room Wanting to take me home soon I wanted to live even at the early age I drew on everything, every page Creatvity was endless, baby boy was sinless Relentless, God as my witness I stand here today from the choices that I've made But wait, it doesn't end there, I had more to say Money was the first word soon followed by hot My favorite word described my personality Rebellious is what they got, dead set in my mentality Never strayed from reality, I hit grade school Tried to play it cool, soon found out, I played the fool I'll admit I'm a nerd now, but back then I'd back down In a fight because pain doesn't work for me So I'd lay on the ground, to avoid getting hurt so see Around 5th grade, underage, depression took the stage Never left the house, death was my focus I just wanted out, But I refused to sing with devil I've always played instruments so it was a demonic accapella Made some good friends once I past that point And I've still here today, and never touched a joint By this time Junior High rolled about Scrawny little kid, not even 80 pounds Smaller than average spiky haired free thinker Day dreamer, I Was a detention hall schemer I couldn't even be meaner than that purple Dinosaur So I asked God, what do I have a mouth for I remember that I always had enough but I wanted more So I'm striving constantly, till death do me part