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How Many (prod. by Quality)
This is actually a spoken word poem and not a rap. But it made the mixtape anyways.
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HipHop - Spoken Word
Previous peak charts position #7,282
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #152
August 19, 2009
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3:40 minutes
By a show of hands, how many control your lives Your fates? Your minds? How about The times? Are we products of intelligent designs? Now, I flow holes around those with too much to know And To learn. See. I've moved beyond circles. I'm 3 dimensional. How many rappers or poets, being one in the same, have depth? How many mainstream media or culture icons walk in step? Do you follow the rest? I make sure I've slept because Only dreams coming to sleeping men, but I live in dreams and in words I pass the time by writing in rhyme. I dream in rhyme. I speak of crime. So when I speak my mind I determine the fate of the future Maybe mine or maybe yours Now not all rivers flow and not all balls bounce So you can't take a pound and mistake it for an ounce You take what you have and not any smaller or bigger The brain is the weapon and we must pull the trigger In one hand I hold life, wisdom, love, hate, politics In the other I drop science in metaphors and subtle hints Your choices and decisions are influenced by me in one way or another Everyone influences everyone even if they never met How could this be? You dare to ask me? Think before you speak, speak before you think And we now have another circle like a cycle Neverending, or maybe... it's a spiral Lack of style interacts with the wild Controls the minds of the weak and the child Who then grows up to become the blind leading the blind Because the time never was right for him So, once we go back to that cycle I'll tackle the issues Leaving you grabbing for tissues because... Once I go to sleep that night my life becomes right As my brain records and playbacks everything throughout the day Just so I can awake to say, what are you doing with yourself? Well, I speak to the many talented youths, But the only way I'll love is if I met me Walking down the street and took myself to dinner Because nobody else matters once I wake up from this dream