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I'll Be
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NvizoN (lyrics)
August 19, 2009
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I'll be exactly what you want me to be But I also gotta be me at the same time I find it hard to explain just exactly what's on my mind So I put the pen in my hand and turn it into rhymes We both like each other as in a love circle But add a third in, and it's a love triangle Can you see my dilemma, or perhaps my predicament Good, If not, then at least see the struggle I'm in I'm torn between two and I want the girl who knows what I'm going through Not one that just punches out like a voting booth Everytime I try to tell her what I think Someone who's there for me when I spit blood in the sink Or someone who's always got my back like a shadow Who loves me whn I don't make much dough And one who loves me even if I do though I'll be exactly, what you want me to be But I also gotta be me at the same time If you ever doubted me If you ever doubted what I'm about If you tell me I ain't got that clout That it takes to chase after you You been fooled, I just don't know what to do I make a track for the ladies But it always turns out shady Maybe, I need my muse back Hopefully I can use that So far it's giving me a bad rap Making me a sad cat Look at me now, How you like that Told myself I'd never let a girl run my life But I'm on my knees every night, prayin to God To help me find a wife And when I get up, it's back to the same old Ways that I've been on, Why haven't you told I've been wrong I've been gone, now I'm on my way to where I started off I wish I knew how to stop when I'm ahead But for now I throw my secrets in my head protected with a lock