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Sweet Like The Rain
A mellow vocal, with a downtempo electronica beat - rainfall and a haunting cedar flute round out the vibe......
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Electronic - Mellow
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Mike Pilling
2009 Mike Pilling
August 16, 2009
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5:15 minutes
Story behind the song
A walk along the pier with my sweetie - snippets of conversation drift in and out of the song. A 1:00 min intro includes rainfall and a cedar flute, to set the mood.
SWEET LIKE THE RAIN by Mike Pilling V1 So there we were just walkin’ Spending time just talkin’ You said you loved your toes Was the colour tiffany rose? The wind was in your hair Said it’s cool for this time of year A bit of summer left to go We still got the glow CH And it’s sweet / Like the rain The way it is / I can’t complain Oh it’s sweet / Like the rain So much behind / So much to gain Can’t you almost taste the sweet ol’ rain? V2 Rememberin’ time we spent Doesn’t matter where we went Just being out in the air That together time we share Taking breaks from what we do Did you say you want new shoes? A bit of summer left to go We still got the glow
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