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Christian acoustic folk
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Peak #289
Peak in subgenre #31
Paul Baertschi
December 25, 2003
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As I lay my head going down to sleep As the moon rises in the sky Lord I know my soul You are sure to keep You are with me for all of my life As the birds find rest from their songs so sweet As the stars their glory shine May I keep my thoughts and hopes in You May Your peace be eternally mine When the storms of life bring danger near When sorrows don't pass me by Be my strength my song and calm my fear 'Til I come to You through the sky For there is no harm that can rob my soul Of the knowledge of Your love so wide In Your mighty power You created me In Your mercy You came here and died So be ever near me and be my God Fill my life with Your love so true May my life reflect just a tiny ray Of a light that comes only from You When that trumpet sounds and my journey's through Or my eyes no longer see Then You'll take me home to a better place Then I'll gaze and I'll gaze on Thee And I'll gaze and I'll gaze on Thee
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