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Holding On
Co written by Jeni and Scott Beveridge for a compilation CD for Northwestbands.co.uk.
Single - $2.00
Rock - Hard Rock
Previous peak charts position #9
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
lyrics by Jeni, music by Scott Beveridge
Scott Beveridge and Jenny Liptrot
August 12, 2009
MP3 4.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
5:09 minutes
Story behind the song
We can sometimes try hard to find/achieve something that we desperately want and yearn for in life, and sometimes as more and more time goes by,it feels as though we may never find what we are looking for. It is always just out of reach. Don't ever give up hope................
HOLDING ON VERSE 1 My thoughts keep repeating in my mind My hopes and my dreams play over The answers I cant find There must be a reason I just dont know which path to take I really havent got a clue These feelings I cant shake There must be something I can do. BRIDGE Theres times when Im walking in the rain It hides the tears upon my face I realise Ive set my sights too high Way too high CHORUS Holding on Im holdin on Im still a dreamer I wanna take it all the way Im gonna try, until the day I die And that is why Im holding on. VERSE 2 But now I think the writings on the wall Chasing rainbows makes no sense at all Ive come so far but its still just out of reach So Ill keep on trying. BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT SOLO LEAD GUITAR Holding on Im holding on Still holding on Im still a dreamer nothings changed Holding on.
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