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Baritone National Reso-phonic tricone guitar on rhythm and lead, stand-up bass, snare drum and Exel 8-string lap steel. This one's for Michelle.
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes
August 11, 2009
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4:21 minutes
Story behind the song
This began, as so many of my pieces do, as a solo guitar improvisation. I was playing my new National baritone tricone, trying to get a feel for what the instrument could do and this progression began to emerge--a little bit south by south west, you could say. I recorded it, then set about revising and arranging it. It's in the key of A, which means it's played in D on the baritone. There are three baritone guitar tracks here--a rhythm track using dropped D tuning, a lead, and a second rhythm with the guitar capoed on the fifth fret. Both the lead and second rhythm are played fingerstyle. The lap steel used here is an Excel 8-string in C6/Am7 tuning. I began the piece on a Thursday in August, and I tried to capture the feeling of letting something go--so the "narrative" of the progression is somewhat extended and bittersweet. Beyond my own feeling about the progression, the piece reflects my effort to capture the sound of a baritone tricone guitar--a very rich, complex sound.
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