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Exhale Life
the pre-release mix, unmastered, of the title track from "Exhale Life" out early 2004.
Alternative - Indie
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Bleeding Hearts Melody
2003 Bleeding Hearts Melody
December 25, 2003
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Story behind the song
Guitar/Vocals - Tim Bouchard Guitar - Justin Reynolds Keyboard - Sean Mix Bass - Kevin Bruchert Drums - Erick Lefevre Recorded and Produced by Kevin Bruchert. Recorded at The Pickle Factory Studio in Medina, NY.
i'm stitting next to you looking for an answer to why this had to be i've been praying hard for you you don't know i'm here but i've never left your side tonight i'm still looking over you i'll take you there away from this and you'll never worry again a new found hope for endless years and there's no more hurting no pain anymore you think that you're alone that nobody's here now i'm sorry they're gone too just close your eyes
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