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Heaven Is With God
Easy Listening/ Soft Rock - Written by Mike Babcox. Early recording 1988.
Rock - Christian Rock
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Mike Babcox
November 24, 2019
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Heaven Is With God 1988ccEndless days without a nightccEternal glory shining brightccMultitudes In white before the throneccSinging praises from there gloriousccNew homeccPraise the LordccStreets of gold so pure and clearccThe lamb of God so very nearccHe'll wipe each tear so gentlyccfrom our eyesccAnd He'll crown us with the life thatccwill not dieccPraise the LordccHeaven Is with GodccIf you sin you know Him notccYou can spend eternityccIn perfect harmonyccFragrance sweet will fill the airccThe saints and prophets will be thereccTo fellowship and sing with all theccbride And we'll see our Lord Hiscchands and pierced sideccThank you Lordcccccc
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