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This World Is Smoking (R. Newsome) ~NEW~ *Free DL*
Created BY Raymond Newsome , Xkallibur & Featuring Electric Shadow & Maya
HipHop - Positive Vibes
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Jerry Willard & Candace Willard
August 05, 2009
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Story behind the song
Raymond approached us with this most excellent inspirational work of art, and ask Candace and I to take part in the chorus. After listening to this track we were very excited to collaborate with these exceptional artists! We have listened to their new album (CD) and were blown away with their gift for writing and music. Raymond Xkallibur & Maya are extraordinary ...there music in our opinion is of the upmost integrity. They have a grasp on the real world. And it all comes out in their phenomenal music. Their writing style is polished prolific and of high moral standerds. They tell us the truth through there devine words! There music is overflowing with cosmic power , they are on a mission to enlighten the world. Candace and I are proud to give them our complete seal of approval...we love em!ccThanks guys for letting us take part on this track...we feel privaleged & honored :) :)ccJerry & Candace ~ES~
Hope to have them soon? Raymond...help!
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