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God Sent an Angel (to watch over You)
A song written for those who have perhaps lost someone they love, their job, home or more. Remember God can heal all your pain, trust in Him and He will never let you go. (FREE Download - All for Jesus)
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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William Gomban Jr.
(c) 2009 William Gomban Jr. ASCAP 372346533
September 12, 2009
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Story behind the song
Since working with the worship team I felt the need to extend God's touch to the public by song. I like to write songs with a message, a good positive message since their is so much hurt and pain all around us these days.
Verse 1: I looked above and saw an Angel, God had sent to watch over you. Through all your fears and desperation, know He is there, for you Verse 2: Don't let sorrow overwhelm you, God can heal all your pain, Trust in Him, He has a plan for you, Know He is there, for you Chorus: Let the Angel's wings surround you, Representing God's Love about you. Trust in Him, Have Faith in Him and He will never let you go. Bridge: When God sends you an Angel, you may never realize. Trust in Him with all your heart, and He will never leave your side
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