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Something To Die For
Country - Country-Rock
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Hartley / Bishop
July 26, 2009
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COPYRIGHT 2009 Hartley / Bishop Me and my big brother, after church on Sunday Out in Granny's backyard, playing Army green beret. Climbing in the old oak tree, The smell of supper on the breeze Music drifting through the door... That's something to die for Me & Jeannie Farmer, walking down to Skalseys Creek An old dirt road to a swimming hole, in the Carolina heat. Laughing in the warm night air, she lets down her long brown hair.. She's more than just the girl next door..... I swear... That's something to die for Country, God and family, these things I believe Are the things in life worth living for Country, God and family, what it takes to keep them free Makes everything I do worth fighting for That's something to die for solo (8 bars) Me and my sweet Jeannie after church on Sunday Out in Grannys backyard as our little children play Memories made forever of one more day together Before I leave again .......for war Thats something to die for Bridge: Far away, in a foreign land, A blinding flash in the desert sand. My dreams are gone, like fading tracks... Erased by the wind... Chorus Tag That's something I died for.
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