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Alcohol Mixology
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Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity. . .with emphasis on the Insanity. . .and bartending!
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Peak #9
Peak in subgenre #2
Below Average Dave (Vocals)/Recisio (track)
2009 Below Average Dave
February 24, 2015
MP3 3.8 MB, 128 kbps, 4:06
Story behind the song
This one was just a fun parody of a song that I've always loved, hope you guys enjoy it.
Ooooh-ah-heh ooh What are you drinking Mix it for ya Man, I saw that Nude Beach you mixed so small But didn't put no rum at all Funky smell It don't taste swell Hate your Margaritas and I don't want Fuzzy Navel no more, That Peach Schnapps is old Strawberry, Martini or a Daiquiri and nothings gonna teach you how to fix The way you screw up each and ev'ry mix and your blender is getting really dirty WOOOAH Is that orange juice you just dumped right in oh you gotta know that it's tomato juice that belongs in a Bloody Mary Now Read up, Learn It Alcohol Mixology and Always, Green Cream When you make an Irish Shamrock First whiskey, Cherries Finally add some cold Ice Cream Oh these mixes can be found On all of the sites around And I'm careful when folks ordering Gotta carefully listen On the rocks means they want ice, when that drink gets made and If they hate vodka, Cosmo won't be ordered It's our job Make it right for pay They want to drink it right away White Russian and some Chardonnay Do it right, 'cause they can tell what's missing Woooah That Mud Slides lame, and your Long Island's kinda tame There's something missing in your drinks, you need to be told Blend It, Pour It Alcohol Mixology You Always, mess up When you make a Kamikaze You need lime juice Vodka and a bit of Triple Sec Now hear that blender sound and that taste they want is found Woah Now it's world renowned Your mixes have become profound You mastered Alcohol Mixology Go get that Bartender Bachelor's Degree Woah Your drinks were so bad Now it's tasting really rad Oh Yeah It Kicks Yeah Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mix It, Pour It Alcohol Mixology Now Lime in, Orange Juice Go 'head and make your own brand Just Blend It, Ice It Then make me Sex on the Beach Oh now it will be downed Word got across the town OH! (in the background: Mixing in. . .Alcohol Mixology repeats a few times) Now them drinks that you're mixing You knew it all along but You were so scared bro You know there, there is nothing worse than A bland mix man That is even worse than hangovers Man Well Alcohol Mixology, that's what we are doing Yeah Tastes alright
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