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Death Goes Shopping
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Pop - Musical
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July 08, 2009
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Death Goes Shopping ? 2008 Graeme Hobbs In these grey and grainy days of revelation As the dark and murky waters start to rise And each and everything is turning pearshaped It seems to happen right before your very eyes So be biblical like dear old Mr Noah Build a metaphoric ark and float away You'll be saving all the animals and righteous You can save them for a rainy shopping day Nothing cheers you up like going shopping It's guaranteed to get you out the dumps Nothing cheers you up like going shopping Find a bargain and you know you'll come up trumps Armageddon's waiting just around the corner The apocalypse is just around the bend Don't you worry even though the sky is falling Get yer skates on you can still go out and spend Pestilence and war and death and famine Nothing comes between a woman and new shoes I think I've really died and really gone to heaven Eternal shopping with no checkouts and no queues
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