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Wanted: Damn Good Man
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Dale Madison
June 23, 2009
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WANTED: A DAMN GOOD MAN Must be a king when I need him to be and a queen when he wants to be Must like old movies, classic Motown, TV Land and Adult Swim WANTED: A DAMN GOOD MAN A man who loves God, himself and a good blunt A man who s not afraid of PDA (public displays of affection) A man with a cause in life that gives him a purpose Good oral hygiene a plus Good oral skill a must Education required Degree negotiable Experience preferred, But dont give me a long list of references Open to new adventures that require Giving and taking Flipping and flopping Laughter and conversations Kissing and touching Learning and growing Sensuality and pleasure WANTED: A DAMN GOOD MAN A man you can tell your dreams to A man who slow dances in the dark And kinky enough to have sex in a park A man who says: Dayem baby you sure look good today A man who says: I love you dammitin the middle of that argument A man who makes you say: Ill be damned, you just rocked my world WANTED: A DAMN GOOD MAN Interviews ongoing, Long term contract, Multiple orgasmatic benefits, Apply: dale guy madison @damngoodman.com
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