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I Want To Be Here
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Blues - Blues Rock
Previous peak charts position #16
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Mike Pilling
2009 Mike Pilling
June 20, 2009
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3:37 minutes
I Want To Be Here Copyright 2009 by Mike Pilling V1 I want to be here, he said to me Really not looking for a break Why wont you people just let me be Not everyone wants to be saved I want to understand but I dont get it So I grab my coffee and forget it V2 I want to be here, she said to me As she stood in line for her meal Im happy and free of responsibility The friends around me are real I think she wants to be left alone Wants to live a life unknown CHORUS We feel good when we try to help Tell them what they should do "If they only had a bit more drive They could start anew" We want to keep our conscience clear But I can still hear them saying I want to be here SOLO, follows structure of the Verse CHORUS
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