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Lead vocal with wide instrumentation landscape.
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Rock - Christian Rock
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Joey Allen
June 17, 2009
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5:40 minutes
Story behind the song
A story from the other side as a mans loved one is gone it appears, until he realizes that in fact he is the one that is gone.
Every time I'm getting close to hold you, And the light comes to take you away, Your gone. Every time I think I see your shadow, And the light comes to fade it away, Your gone. No song. In my mind, you are there, Not to touch, but to share, Memories of times gone bye, You made me feel so high, I felt that I could touch the sky, Lady of my life, Spirits And Magic. All of time that seems to have no meaning, Around me everything is so still, No sky. Now the dark it seems to dim your candle, And there is no flame to show the pain, In my eyes, I realize. It is I who is gone, From our dance to my song, Melodies of words from my heart, I held you close to kiss, My love grew deeper from the start, Lady of my life, Spirits And Magic. Spirits is now, Magic was then. You held my hand through my journey, Till the end. Though you can't hear the words that I speak, Spirits And Magic will sing until we meet. I'll hold time in my hands, Till we dance once again, Till we dance again.
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