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In memory of my late father, Happy Father's Day Dad, u r always in my heart.
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Music/production Lasse Jonsson, lyrics/vocals Jeni
June 15, 2009
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128 kbps bitrate
4:29 minutes
Story behind the song
The lyrics speak for themselves.
GOODBYE VERSE 1 When I was just a girl And you were always there You'd hold me in your arms I took you for granted I didn't know we hadn't long. VERSE 2 I still yearn for the time When I could see your smile But those days are gone I will always remember Your memory live's on. CHORUS I felt all of your pain Your tears still stain my face Even now it hurts Just the whisper of your name I never got the chance to say Goodbye. VERSE 3 It was a long hard road Facing the world alone Without you by my side You wasn't there to guide me I had to leave you behind. CHORUS BRIDGE CHORUS REPEAT
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