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No Strings And No Regrets
With this one I was trying for a combination of a mid-tempo Stax/Atlantic soul ballad (e.g. "It's Growin'") with an Elvis Costello type narrative lyric. My friends still say it sounds like David Bowie though! I play everything except drum machine.
Single - $0.75
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
Previous peak charts position #197
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #106
Bob Leslie
July 05, 2010
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2:53 minutes
Story behind the song
This was based on an incident that occurred during a local Festival when I was staying in London. I'd recently come out of a relationship and was in need of the type of healing advocated by Marvin Gaye. After a day's drinking and listening to bands, my friend Sandy and I went to the end-of-festival dance where a soul band called Maffia (sic) were playing. In a hot sweaty dimly-lit dance hall, we ended up dancing with two Australian girls who were at the end of a holiday. Next day, despite the hangover, I felt pretty relaxed . . .
I had a night, during the Fair A perfect night to lose myself I’m glad you weren’t there While many of the details are lost to recall I’d had a sip or two and I was ready to fall It was time les temps perdus started to pay some of their debts I wanted no strings and no regrets No strings and no regrets A simple combination but so hard to get Sometimes you don’t need meaning You just want to forget That’s when you look for No strings and no regrets Got to a point where things got hot And I had to ask myself “Boy, are you ready or not?” I found myself dancing with a belle Australienne She was leaving in two days, never see her again Put the moves right on me, she was ready, she was set, She wanted no strings and no regrets Well in the morning, head like a bear, I looked around my room But she sure wasn’t there From what I could remember we’d done each other some good She’d grabbed me like a clam and called me something rude Played me like a guitar, polished up my frets, She bust all my strings and left me no regrets
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