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Dig Myself A Tunnel v1.1
hippity happnin' Hussein refrain
Blues - Jump Blues
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words and music by Ed Bertrand
2003 Edward W. Bertrand
December 15, 2003
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Story behind the song
I read the news today, oh bad boy! lyric in April 03 after watching the Rumsfeld Flyers bomb the Baghdad Dodgers B52-0. noise 13/14 Dec 03 (all-nighter) after the news.
diggin' myself a tunnel that's my great escape diggin' myself a tunnel make my great escape gotta get on down that tunnel 'cause I've had all that I can take diggin' myself a tunnel I gotta get outside diggin' myself a tunnel get out the other side gonna dig that blessed tunnel 'til I'm blinded by the light the dark air make me sickly underneath it all excavatin' quickly gonna get out underneath it all one thing about a tunnel you gotta suck down dirt and crawl the whole wide world around me collapsin' on my soul the big bad world done found me fell down on my soul bad thing about a tunnel it's just a deeper darker hole words and music by Ed Bertrand ©2003 Edward W. Bertrand all rights reserved reprinted by permission
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