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Ballad of Bobby
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Linda Wright
2009 socan
June 11, 2009
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Bobby Bobby wasn't the outlaw kind, Never broke the law never crossed that line His sweetheart always on his mind. he played guitar and stilled moonshine. He'd sneak to town to be with her, Like the taste of moonshine their love burned. Secrecy was the only way, If her husband found out she'd have hell to pay. Now the deputy was a nasty man, Bobby caught him with a blood stained knife in hand. Standing over a girl laying at his feet. But he knew Bobbys secret and where he'd been. So that deputy told a flat out lie, said he saw Bobby running from the crime. They all blamed Bobby cause he carried a knife and his only aliby was the sherriff's wife. They searched for Bobby back in the hills, were gonna drag him back and burn down his still. But what that deputy was there to do, was to kill poor Bobby for what he knew. They heard some yellin is what they say, And that deputy done met his day. Layed out flat by his own knife, standing over him was the sherriff's wife We ain't seen Bobby since that day, He got away is what they claim with the sherriff's wife, is how the story goes But if the truth be told nobody knows. Now people wonder if he's still around Cause at night you'll hear a lonesome sound In those backwoods under a moonlit sky, If you listen hard you can hear his guitar....cry
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