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Reggie Mercado
Maldito Records
June 07, 2009
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128 kbps bitrate
3:57 minutes
My heart melts with the sweetness in your eyes I cant deny the way your smile makes me smile There's more than just a sense of belonging And the feeling of comfort in knowing Chorus: You'll be right by my side When I need to feel satisfied You'll be here in my arms As I feel your body gives me warmth A picture of innocense in you Bring tears into my eyes It's true Darling, I just can't quite explain I hope my eyes could show it to make you feel the same You captivated my soul so completely And I knew what it meant when you hold me (Repeat Chorus except last line) Bridge: I long to feel This little piece of heaven I thank you for the chance That you have given to me Sweet like the falling rain And all of its blessings I know by now You hear my heart calling, I know (Repeat Chorus)