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The Blue Horizon (original demo)
Sailing in the Caribbean; blue skies, turquoise seas and white sand. Sit back and feel the soft breeze in the palms by listening to this song.....
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Mike Pilling
2009 Mike Pilling
May 31, 2009
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THE BLUE HORIZON by Mike Pilling CHORUS The blue horizon Is calling me The sun is risin On a distant sea A clear blue ocean With sky above Feel the motion Feel the love V1 Daydreaming all about sailing Cool fresh wind on my face Coconut palms on the white sand Lose the rat race Soon we'll be cutting a clean wake Sails all full of the breeze Real world just made a clean break Alone on the seas CH V2 As we push for our destination The copper sun disappears The distant joy of calypso Starts to fill our ears A smiling man, he takes the lines Walks us up to the town Some rum, some lime, some coconut wine Good times all around BRIDGE The moon, the waves, the streets don't have names No-one demands a thing At sunrise we'll head back out to sea And see what tomorrow brings CH