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What Lies Above (And Below)
Heavy Metal struggle between Heaven and Hell. Dio would be proud, I hope. Listen to the accompanying outro: "Out On Wings of Gold"
Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #87
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #30
June 06, 2010
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6:35 minutes
Story behind the song
Song is about the constant struggle between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing. Metaphorically, the struggle between Heaven and Hell, Angels and Devils, God and Satan. The songs structure mimics this stark contrast between Heaven (the first half of the sing) and Hell (the latter part), as well as the spiral of conflict which arises between the two on Earth. ~ Enjoy ~
What Lies Above & Below By Brad Olsen Believers heed the signs Followed a blind caravan Rivers ahead were flowin Towards the resolution of my mind Ride on Towards a dying sun On an ether flow Our love will grow No reservation Faith preservation Seal the tomb of lonely minds Who walk ahead to heal the rest of us What lies above deceives us What lies below tempts our faith Trapped in the middle of war We rise to protect ourselves from envy Ride on My only son On dead ether flow Our love you know False segregation Faith degradation On the horizon awakes a massive horde ? Seeking to merge their worlds Bloody scaffold ripping flesh from cheek and bone to ear Sodom rising kills the liars burning higher disappears Spears they?re throwing, dead men blowing horns which raise a clan Drums are beating, hoofs are marching, darkness comes though soldiers stand All we do is sit and watch, a prophecy will end with us In the end, as one we kneel below a bloodied obelisk Pray forever for our souls damned to eat from the ruins Earth is now a house of war, just another politic