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In memory of a beautiful rose
For my aunt.
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Morlica Chantu Long
Morlica Chantu Long
May 24, 2009
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It’s May 2009, almost a year since my aunt had to leave this earth/ Every day I cry and wonder if you’re up in heaven away from the hurt/ Or in the cemetery sleeping with the creepy crawlers of the dirt/ I have pictures and memories to help reminisce, but it’s not the same without her/ It hurts to not have her in my presence/ Hurts even more to know I once did, but I took it for granted/ A family’s love should never be neglected/ Because you never know when to expect the unexpected/ And when it hits, it does more damage to the heart than a pandemic/ Now I ain't religious so I'm not sure if she's in the sky or if she's been reincarnated/ All I wish is that she could have been given a chance to have her life expanded/ But since I'm agnostic, I'll always remember her being beautiful as the roses she always planted...