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You can have the echo
Credits to Dj Bless for the acapella and instrumental. Credits to Gorilla Zoe. WMG. I DO NOT PROFIT FROM THIS! I ain't a rapper. Just an amateur lyricist. I know my voice sounds odd, but I don't care. It took me a few minutes to write down the rhy
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Morlica Chantu Long
Morlica Chantu Long
May 24, 2009
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Story behind the song
Just heard Gorilla Zoe's "Echo" and then I wrote down rhymes in a few minutes.
MAY 2009 Few years ago, you seemed so damn special You said you were my ride or die Sometimes I just wished you could rot or die On the left side of my chest used to reside a hole Cause on and off, you had me fooled, but I’ve learned to let go If you come back, you’ll only be left with the sound of your echo… We’ve known each other for a while You used to make me laugh and smile My friends told me you were bad for me But I guess I was just too blind to see That you only had the quality to become my liability We lost all similarities that our differences brought us down immediately I fell for you lyrically I fell for you physically Now I’m over you and free mentally So take back the memories You can have the echoes I’ll take the tranquility… It’s amazing how quickly friendships can be made And how quickly it can quickly become a maze From sunshine to cloudy days You get stuck in the haze Stuck in the trenches of hate Fighting and arguing Till the friendship dissipates And your left with pictures in a frame But it’s time to set the pictures to flame The overcast has changed, you can take the echo and kick it with the rain I’ll take the warmth and chill without the pain…