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Linda Lou
A southern rock song
Rock - Southern Rock
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Letha Allen
Letha Allen/Mark Kaufman/Geoff Wood
June 09, 2009
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Story behind the song
I wrote these lyrics from a memory from a little country store in Salyersville, Kentucky. Mark Kaufman and producer Geoff Wood are my partners who brought it to life.
Linda Lou (c) 2009 Allen/Wood/Kaufman Sittin out front of Wisecups store in a rousin game of checkerboard Sunday afternoon no work to do just chewin the fat and chawin a chew Me and Billy Joe goin head to head I was black and he was red When down the mountain come a pickup truck Billy jumped my queen when I stood up Chorus Prettiest girl I ever seen stepped out the right and into my dreams I was gonna learn what the other boys knew Better stay away from Linda Lou Her momma stepped out of the drivers side staring me down with cold hard eyes Boy one warnins all I give Best stick to checkers if you wanna live Billys on the ground a bustin a gut Boy get back youa€™re gonna get hurt Men on the mountain gonna tell you the truth Her mama gonna teach ya the buck shot blues Chorus Prettiest girl I ever seen Headed back to the holler and out of my dreams Ia€™d just learned what the other boys new Better stay away from Linda lou gotta a mean mountain mama that Linda lou gonna make you sing the buckshot blues Better stay away Better stay away from Linda lou.
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