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Kudzu Kreep
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An ode to a vine
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Rock - Garage Rock
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George Potor
Potor 2007
May 19, 2009
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Story behind the song
A trip though Georgia...the stuff was everywhere!!
1 Story of a vine that was growing in Japan; They brought it over here to decorate the land. Government loved it; said it's ornamental, It'll stop erosion, It's nothing detrimental Kudzu vine, it's hairy It's scary, Kudzu vine, ate the South, Get it out. Kudzu Kreep 2 Try to cut it down or spray it from a plane; It'll cover up your town 'cause it grows a foot a day. There's herbicide that helps the plant to grow better. Makes more sense to try to change the weather. Kudzu vine, that crop Won't stop, Kudzu vine, ain't clover, It takes over. Kudzu Kreep 3 Angora goats are one way to beat it. Alcoholic mice stay sober if they eat it. Make it into hay cut it low, bale it high. Cook it up in quiche, eat it deep-fried. Kudzu vine, seemed to be The bees' knees, Kudzu vine, it's southern, Just love it. Kudzu Kreep, Kudzu Kreep