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My Time (Demo)
Written for my sweet friend, Sharma. May she rest in peace.
Pop - Pop General
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Jennifer Pearl & Kurt Pearl
May 18, 2009
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Story behind the song
Inspired by something a friend is going through right now...
I know you love me In your own kind of way But that sort of love My spirit can't take My fear has kept me here Through your anger and my tears Twisted and torn inside It's time to stop this ride Cause it's my time to go It's my time to be All of the things you wouldn't let me see It's time to go find me It's my time to live free Of pain and fear First step of my own I've taken in years It's time to go find me Bruised and battered In body and mind This is your legacy I'm leaving behind I could not be more alone Than a prisoner in my home It's a burden I cast To be healed at last
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