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I Saw My Father
When they pass on, the ones we love are never really gone. Writers: Greg C. Brown, Janice Hopkins and Mark D. Preston
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Greg C. Brown, Janice Hopkins & Mark Preston
2009 Brown/Hopkins/Preston
May 10, 2009
MP3 3.8 MB, 128 kbps, 4:12
I Saw My Father 2009 Brown, Hopkins & Preston One year later, how time goes by Since Daddy was called back home. It was hard for me to let him go, Afraid of being alone. My father was my source of strength, I always had his ear. No challenge was too great for me As long as he was near. I've mourned him every day and night, But just this morning in the bathroom light... CHORUS I saw my father in the mirror, And he looked a lot like me. So much written on his face Saying let go of your grief. His life reflected in my eyes Said I would be okay. I felt his presence one more time When I saw my father today. All my life I'd hear folks say, You're so much like your dad. Not only in the way you look, But the way you speak and act." He was a proud, God-fearing man, Hard working, strong and brave. He told me once "You should always give Much more than you ever take." So, I mirror my life by the way by the way he lived, And I'm grateful he left such a wonderful gift. REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Today I woke at 6 AM, Made my way down the hall. When I looked into his eyes again I wasn't feeling alone at all. REPEAT CHORUS Yeah, I saw my father today.
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