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Thieves of Fate
This is the lead track off of OCR's remix album of the same title, dedicated to the game Radical Dreamers (the predecessor to Chrono Cross). The arrangement and drum sequencing was done by Doug Perry (drumultima), the acoustic guitars were done by Ge
Electronic - Games Soundtrack
Previous peak charts position #232
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The Prophet of Mephisto
May 05, 2009
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The mansion, it looms ahead of us Not a hint of light inside She's standing right in front of me, Her braid swinging side to side The thing I fear the most is that the devil will set my faithful soul ablaze These corridors stretch forever into never ending darkness I listen very carefully but the silence is deafening* A whisper could be heard for miles and a spark would light the room like fireworks I feel the apprehension of my comrades by my side Better hold on real tight cuz it'll be a wild ride, Chorus: Oh you know I've Been gone for a while Lookin for that Cold rock made of fire And I don't think that I will come home soon But when I do, will you still be waiting Oh baby please Don't leave the lights on for me Get yourself a Good rest, I'll be fine, you'll see I won't be back till my journey's through But I can't wait to come home to see you From the atrium to the ballroom To the lady in the clock tower, We get more lost as we find our way With each unfolding hour There's not limit to the mystery contained within this history unfolding We freeze upon the sounds of footsteps sneaking menacingly A skeleton appears now his skull grinning devilishly I reach to grab my knife as I prepare for this battle's fatality With the demon slain, she looks at me with those deep blue eyes But I gotta resist temptation And keep my eyes on the prize Oh the Frozen Flame Lies just in sight But these flames burn In me day and night *This line was SUPPOSED to be "But the silence is relentless"
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