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Hard Drive
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Acoustic - Acoustic General
Previous peak charts position #769
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #192
Lyrics Beth Williams/Music & Vocal Calvin Stewart
April 30, 2009
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Sitting in the man cave Scratching my crown Downloaded something That rendered me down Started double clickin' But things got worse When it froze up I started to curse CHORUS.... When your hard drive is soft, and you’ve lost all your function You’ll likely be feeling The prick of compunction Didn't need the manual O the price of pride! Did a Trojan horse Somehow sneak inside There was no escaping My screen went black I got no warranty And can’t take her back REPEAT CHORUS..... Helping hands were needed I rang Pro Tech U They sent sexy Sam cause She knows what to do BRIDGE............. Pushing all the right button’s It seemed there was nothin’ I could do except shift in my chair Soonemails were ringing My hard drive was singing Control panel lost it right there Service was her calling I gave her a 10 Now I gotta go Break this thing again Sitting in the man cave, scratching my crown Sitting in the man cave, scratching my crown