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Enter Sandwich (Metallica Parody)
A killer sandwich tries to eat of me.... Uh-Oh!!!
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April 22, 2009
April 23, 2009
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Story behind the song
Got this idea from my friend Matt while we were making fun of the food names at Denny's, because they came up with something called "Taking Back Sunday Bacon Burger and Fries" and "Plain White T's Shake"... Seriously? Is that the best they can come up with? Anyways we were coming up with our own ideas such as "Jelly and Pearl Jam", and "Meat Loaf" when Matt came up with "Enter Sandwich".
Geeze! I’m scared of this bun Tried to toast this one And now me he will hunt This Cuban’s like Stalin Watch out! Throws toothpicks Man, This sandwich is nuts!!! Makes me cry with onions Chopping them up with knives! Time to fight! Take a bite Nasty ham Not that Oscar Mayer brand You hate crust that’s just fine I prefer my fried And not out of it’s mind! Stabbed with sporks, torched with fire Sandwich won’t expire! So I’m running in fright!!! Once I hated Reubens Now the corned beef I’ll like! Your bread kind… Wheat or White? Worse than Spam And that Oscar Mayer brand! Hell No!!! Tomatoes hurled by the heap (Tomatoes hurled by the heap) A splattered load of bacon grease (A splattered load of bacon grease) I should have ordered T-Bone steak (I should have ordered T-Bone steak) This sub’s more vicious than a snake (This sub’s more vicious than a snake!) Toss out the hoagie, destroy the club Grab dinner down at “Thee Olde Pub” Attacking me with loaves of bread That’s my whole wardrobe is shred Mayo squirts Make me hurt Ain’t too bland Darn lunchmeat Can’t be beat Lost my hand Worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand!!! Aaaargghhh!!!! Watch out! Oh No! It’s worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand (Drives me mad!) It’s worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand (Grilled my dad!) It’s worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand It’s worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand It’s worse than Oscar Mayer’s brand…