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I'm a Hottie in a Big Fat body
Parody of Fall Out Boy's 'It's Not A Scene, It's an Arms Race'
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April 05, 2015
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Story behind the song
Well, many of us (me included) knows how it feels to be 'big boned', it's how you handle it:)
I go to clubs dancing Without you, because you think that I'm not your type And you hate my hair, and my ego As long as the crowds keeps watching I know I'm the hottest man here, yeah I'm a hottie, trapped in a troll's body I'm really lean, underneath this belly Dressed like a king, though it does not fit me I never look in the mirror When I get dressed I'm fine in my head And after you drink you'll believe what I said, Believe what I said Fast food's my best friend But you all will see that I'm one hunky man I'm one hunky man I tried to lose weight, but then gave up (Cause I'm pretty sexy) some say I've too much junk in my trunk (and those tight clothes they make me shudder) In secret you're wishing you were in my jeep Dreaming 'bout my lips, or jaws Or, perhaps my T-t-t-tummy I'm a cutie, in a fat dude's body At heart twenty, Just a number, trust me Six pack you'll see, It's beneath this flubby I'll take you home To meet my mother I'm a lovely man And beneath these thighs I'm really quite a catch I am quite a catch I am never bland I can take you to my strobe light, yes I can Please give me a chance Yeahh… Whoa-ohh All the guys who've been rejected over blub And all the gals who aren't twigs and have flab hang out Scream, because my voice went out I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body (So true) I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body (Rolls are so cool) I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body (Say it proud) I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body (Oh, oh) I'm a hottie, Stuck in a big body Not a slender man But you know in secret that you want me bad You want me so bad You may take a pass but one day I swear that you will wish you had you will wish you had
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