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Fred Strickland
April 16, 2009
MP3 4.6 MB, 128 kbps, 5:01
Oh,What are the folks at FOX to do? Their Bush apologist days are through. They might even have to start telling the truth! What are the folks at FOX to do? They could turn themselves into a shopping channel, Bankrupt policies and Bush apparel. Or perhaps present a new game show, Contestants vying for bailout dough. No, those won't work. FOX needs to use Their talking heads with their narrow views, Fancy words making little sense, Egos that are just immense. Wait! I've got it! A perfect plan! A place for every pontificant Who smothers truth with ideology... -- They should start a University! FOX U! -- Where Reagan is a saint FOX U! -- Compassionate they ain't. FOX U! -- Free of liberalistic taint Don't apply unless you'll comply -- FOX U! I can see it now -- The College of FOX! Thinking only to the right of the box. Campus traffic became quite a mess When folks decided they shouldn't turn left. The football team lost every game Since a run to the right became their only play. It got to where the Dean took a moral stand; Ordered all things left completely banned. FOX U! -- Gazing only to the right. FOX U! -- Banning half the world from sight. FOX U! -- What a sorry sorry plight! One side's NOT better than two -- FOX U! Well, this mania for all things right Came to a halt that very night When each man and wife, taking to their bed, Found someone always had to be on the left. So, from each couple, one was banned! Marriages broken -- it got out of hand. Attempts to outlaw impropriety Can only harm society. FOX U! -- It all came crashing down. FOX U! -- Left confusion all around. FOX U! -- There's a moral to be found -- There isn't just one side to truth -- FOX U! FOX U! FOX U! FOX U! FOX U! FOX U! -- Now the world's a better place! FOX U! -- Wrongheadedness erased... FOX U! -- There's a lesson we can trace: There isn't just one side to truth -- FOX U!
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