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Some on YouTube love my HD Music Video so much that they call me f***tarded. So here is a Music Video dedicated to me as a f***tard.
Single - $0.75
Electronic - Games Soundtrack
Previous peak charts position #229
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Anthrit Neo Onyrovato
AWS 1996-2009
April 08, 2009
MP3 1.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
1:55 minutes
Story behind the song
Well I was reading the comments on my HD Music Video and this is what became of it. I made the beat in Reason 3 and recorded the lyrics at Ghetto Recording Studio.
Yo, What Up, have you been HD-Roll’d? Cum here for your therapy. I am Your Doctor. - Magickal Verse 1 - One Day He Made a Song On HD. Now He is Putting the Song On a CD. The HD Song Guy Can’t Even Rhyme. His Song is Nothing But an Evil Grime. - Magick Chant 1 – FUCKTARDED 16x - Magickal Verse 2 - That HD Guy Is So F*** ing Weird. Butt F*** ed Gay Guy that is Queered. We are So Scared Forever with Horror. I Want My Time Back You WTF Whore. - Magick Chant 1 – FUCKTARDED 24x I’m F*** tarded, You’re F*** tarded, We’re F*** tarded, All F*** tarded. Out With Dexter.