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Introduce Yourself
Finding the right person.
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Country - Country General
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Kerry Walsh
April 07, 2009
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2:25 minutes
Story behind the song
Being in a bad marriage and a few bad relationships, I decided to give myself a break and was on my own for three years. In this time I was able to reflect on me and my life, got back my self confidence and put the past behind me. The song came true for me, I have been with Mike Casey now for two years, the sweetest and best man I have ever known. All good things do come to those who wait.
Introduce Yourself (Kerry Walsh) If someone I could meet Who knows not how to cheat? Who knows not how to lie And make me cry And if someone is looking for That same some-one you can be sure Introduce yourself that someone is me However I’ve not yet met that someone Who can give what I need But if that someone is somewhere out there Intoduce yourself that someone is me Out there, I hope to find Who has my best interest in mind Who knows not how to be un-true? And make me blue If that someone wants to show this one Then you should let me know Introduce yourself and say hello to me Break If you’re someone who wants to meet the one Who can give what I need You needn’t look too far just looky here Intro-duce yourself to me My wish for some-one to some day To carry me away And if it’s you here I am Introduce yourself to me.
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