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A simple acoustic version of the classic Irish tune 'Carrickfergus', played on mouth organ with guitar accompaniment - as played by Benny The Busker when out busking.
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Benny The Busker (Trad. arr.)
Benny The Busker 2008 (Trad. arr.)
April 05, 2009
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1:26 minutes
Story behind the song
The tune is so powerful it stands alone, without the lyrics. The origins are unknown. It is perhaps a combination of two (or more) Irish airs. I think the tune could have originated in County Clare because it has the same feel as traditional airs I've heard in west Ireland. (This would also fit the meaning of the usual lyrics, which are about longing to visit Carrickfergus, far away.)
No lyrics in this instrumental version.
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