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Lock N Load
Spiritually conscious lyrics over a bangin' hip-hop beat produced by Dre D. and BeenChozen for DaasWuzUp Entertainment/BeenChozen Media
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HipHop - Christian Rap
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Joe-L 'Da Vessel"
April 03, 2009
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song as a brief testimony. I wanted to not only speak on some things that God has brought me through but to reach out to others who may still be where I was and let them know - "Hey, if God did it for me, He'll do it for you." I also wanted to relay a word of hope to the streets as well as a word of caution to those who are still living the street life - there is a better way. - The video was special for one because if featured some good friends who also happen to be fellow artists. They all came out just to support the vision. - The video was directed by Frontline Productions and the theme of the video is - "Stop the Stereotypes!" You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RV3wz4TffY
Lock N Load Hook: Let’s go, Lock, load, Everybody let your praise explode! Verse I: - I spit flows just to let the world know I’m redeemed man and I ain’t into sinning no mo’ and – - In the Name that’s above every other name I confessed my sins and gave up the game man. - My mind’s changed man, well rather, I should say it’s being rearranged ‘cause I’m downloadin’ all new data – - Some say data but hey, you say tomata man I might say tomata! - Either way the styles greater, much more flavor, much more favor since I gave it to the Saviour. - Now I’m on the way up, and I ain’t even talkin’ bout no industry status I’m talking about miraculous. - Dre turn the track up, look I’m lifting up the same hands now to give Him praise that used to bag crack up. - Devils better back up, I told y’all before I pull out my sword and demons get way more than scratched up. Hook: Let’s go, Lock, load, Everybody let your praise explode! Verse II: - I can’t stop homie, ‘cause it’s gettin’ hotter, while you thinkin’ somethin’ sweet like freugen glaja. - Son you worship dough I’ma show you who is flyer, in Greek He’s Kristo in Hebrew He’s Messiah. - Father take me higher, I wanna know You better, build up my character so that I can show You better. - As You teach me how to let my light shine in this lifetime with You Blood flowin; through my pipelines. - That’s why I write rhymes, that’s why I write lines, that’s why I do beats, it’s somethin’ for ya’ mind. - Somethin’ for ya Spirit, somethin’ for your soul, not just for your body, not just to rock a party. - This ain’t just made for you to bob your head or move it slightly; this is for e’rybody, not just those in the Body. - This is for the ones on the corners and in the alleys the ones that walk around with drugs dirty money and shotties. Hook: Let’s go, Lock, load, Everybody let your praise explode! Verse III: - My brothers, I’m talkin’ to all y’all, this is a warning, get it right or you gon’ fall. - I don’t care how many guns you got, how many AK’s and AR’s Berettas and Glocks – stop! - You think you sayin’ somethin’ it’s nothin’ I been in the streets when dudes come through the hood dumpin’ - Been in the hood pumpin’ murderous blocks, up at night like a vampire serving them rocks. - But God bought me out of the dark, head hard like a baseball til God knocked it out of the park. - Now I rep J.C. to the fullest look homie you foolish if you tryin’ to be number one wit’ a bullet. - Hey, I seen bodies fall, I seen body parts, I seen blood spillin’ I seen shotties spark. - I seen way to many mothers grievin’ but for real, I seen way to many of my brothers leavin’ - Livin’ that get rich or die tryin’ but in reality most of ‘em don’t get rich they die tryin’.