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Searching For Lambs
The somewhat fuzzy 1993 version of this British traditional song, taught to me by the late minstrel Richard Dyer-Bennet. Lesl- vocals, guitars, 4-track cassette recorder. Trad. Arr. ©1993 Lesl Harker.
World - Traditional Celtic
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British trad.
trad arr. 1993 Lesl Harker
December 05, 2003
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3:06 minutes
Story behind the song
The meter of this song moves primarily around 5 beats to a bar. Richard Dyer-Bennet used to say that this was because of the shepherdess searching for the lambs. Played in D minor tuning, it was recorded by Lesl and Mike Metz in 1972 for a demo. It was then recorded by many others. Re-recorded by Lesl in 1993.
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