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While You Slept
Matthew Scott -- Synthesizers, piano, bass, drums, choir director; John Pfeifer -- Music/lyrics, vocals, guitar synth ("sax")
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John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer
December 05, 2003
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3:38 minutes
Story behind the song
A particularly and atypically hateful/bitter, yet cathartic, tune about a college affair. This is one of those "It's totally written but has been hanging around in limbo for 10 years" tunes, coming within a millimeter to being added to a live setlist in '92 or '93 right before that particular band broke up. Most credit should go to Matt for making an arrangement around a cool piano sound, especially where there's some quirky rhythms ("I know it's in 4/4, but I refuse to put any emphasis on '1'!") and tempo-changes ("Hey, pardon me while I all-of-a-sudden throw in a totally unrelated tempo..." -- just like "Sensitive Sequence," which was written about the same time and also almost got played once). Plus, he made me realize some good did come from '80's music (like the drums and the kind-of-Quarterflash-ness) -- so we didn't get around to it until after the millenium, so what?
So, at last we finally stand apart from where we stood; turns out how it ended bad was really good. You might expect some slight remorse, to see my heart tied up in knots; but it's hard to say I'm hurting when I'm not. Don't feel bad that I don't think of you, since it seemed to piss you off when I did. Don't expect to hear my voice again, unless I'm laughing when I hear you hit the skids. Given time I have matured and faced the blatant fact that your opinions were so painfully acute. Please don't mind if I don't care to keep abreast of your new life amongst the band of fools who find your words astute. Do you feel threatened by your memories, like I was by the lame company you kept? Pay no mind to any love you had or the hate I often felt --while you slept-- I talked to you most often --while you slept-- Communication was easy --while you slept-- I felt the most compassion you could show. --while you slept-- Love had a different meaning --while you slept-- I'd act out flights of fancy --while you slept-- I'd often brush away the thought of you... So, at last we finally stand apart from where we stood; for this pair of fools, conclusion was forgone. How to pass this faded torch? Regret could be a choice. But it's hard to say I'm sorry...
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