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Absurd German text: approximate English translation, 2012. Updated 2018
Jazz - Acid Jazz
Previous peak charts position #11
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
April 11, 2018
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128 kbps bitrate
6:58 minutes
Approximate English translation: ... Wait, wait just a little while 8 G7 Until the Mozart has the blues Then he'll make from your parts 4C7 - 4 G7 Nice juicy minced-up mush From your guts: he'll make sausages 2 D6/maj7 - 2C7 - 4 G7 From your buttocks: he'll make ham From your eyes: he'll make jelly And the rest: he'll throw away Wait, wait just a little while 4 D6/maj7 - 4C7 (bridge ...) Maybe you will get that blues Then you'll make from Mozart's parts 4 D6/maj7 - 4C7 Nice juicy minced-up mush From his guts: you'll make sausages 4 D6/maj7 - 4C7 From his buttocks: you'll make ham From his eyes: you'll make jelly And the rest: you'll throw away There is now no need to wait a while 8 G7 ... And you will not get that blues In your belly are Mozart's parts And also Mozart's minced-up mush And also many Mozart sausages And also much of Mozart's ham And you'll burp happily and loudly And the rest: you'll spew away ...
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