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Lekzee Is Her Name (Vocal)
A musical tribute to Lekzee Patrick, an Amazing songwriter, musician, vocalsist, performer and entertainer who has touched many lives with her Fabulous songs.
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Kurt Lewis Neufer
Kurt Lewis Neufer
March 20, 2009
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Story behind the song
A tribute to a Fabulous songwriter, performer, musicican and entertainer...a Wonderful person and dear friend.
Verse One I know a lass, with voice so fair, Her golden music fills the air, And folks come down from everywhere, Just to hear her sing. See sings a lovely song, you see, And her voice is heavenly, She sings those golden harmonies, And Lekzee is her name. Chorus She writes those songs that touch the heart, To your very soul, her songs impart, She is a master of her art, And Lekzee is her name. Verse Two In many voices, she can speak, A leprechaun she can be, Whatever voice is her choice, She can do anything, The Queen of Jazz, The Queen of Pop, In Classical, she is the tops, In any genre, she can sing, And Lekzee is her name. Chorus Instrumental Break Chorus Verse Three In the forest, you can see, See her dancing merrily, Dancing there among the trees, To a Celtic tune, Oh what a joy to hear her sing, To my soul, what joy it brings, In many a language, she can sing, And Lekzee is her name. Chorus
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